Holy Communion
Holy Communion from 1662 Prayer Book
Every second Sunday, but moves for Easter and Christmas, at 8:00 am for 1/2 hour
Family Morning
All Age Worship held on the third Sunday of the month. 30 minutes of craft activity for young people; coffee, croissants and newspapers for adults. All come together at 10:30 am for 30 minutes of worship and song.
Any instrumentalists for the Band are always welcome.

Every third Sunday at 10:00 am for 1 hour, but changes occasionally for major festivals

Morning Service
All-Age Worship on the first Sunday of the month, Common Worship Holy Communion on the second. Can change according to festivals; see Pew News page for details. Every first and second Sunday at 10:30 am for 1 hour
United Two Parish Communion

This service moves between Wheldrake and Thorganby; see Pew News page for details.  10:30 am for 1 hour, irregular Sundays.

United Five Parish Communion
This service moves round the five churches in the benefice every fourth Sunday (or fifth if it’s a long month) at 10:30 am for 1 and a quarter hours; see Pew News page for details.

United Five Parish Communion with prayer for wholeness and healing
As above, but with a special focus on prayer for healing, roughly every quarter (when there is a five Sunday Month); see Pew News page for details.

BCP Evensong
Every first Sunday at 6:30 pm for 45 minutes.


Communion in the Cottage
On the first Friday of the month, a brief service from the Book of Common Prayer in Church Cottage (behind the Church). 10.30 for half an hour, with refreshments.