Benefice of Derwent Ings




The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, which is on February 14th this year. While a lot of people will be focusing on the romance associated with St Valentine, let’s remind ourselves that Lent leads to the supreme expression of God’s love for us, in the death of Jesus on the cross. It is good to ask God to help us to use Lent well. Some will choose to give things up as a response for all Jesus gave up for our sakes. Others will seek to do something extra to show and grow their love for God.

Holy Spirit of God, inspirer of all that is good and true in life, come into our hearts and fill them with your light and strength. Help us to hate all sin and selfishness, and to fight against them with unfaltering courage and resolve; and because we are weak and cannot prevail without your help, clothe us with your power and give us the victory, through Jesus Chris our Lord.
Harold E Evans

In the week of Ash Wednesday our schools will have their half-term break. The autumn term was unusually long and by the end of it pupils and staff were exhausted. Let’s pray that all involved in our schools will be refreshed and make good use of the week off.

Lord Jesus, who loved children and saw their value as signs and members of your kingdom, bless all who work with the children of our villages. We pray for physical, mental and spiritual energy for governors, staff and pupils. May half-term and term-time alike be times of happiness and growth, and as we approach Easter may the children gain a greater understanding of your love and your call.

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