Benefice of Derwent Ings


At this time our churches look beautiful with all the harvest decorations.
As we look at these signs of Your goodness help us to remember You; our creator and provider and help us to worship You with glad and thankful hearts.
Let’s remember those who struggle to get a good day’s food. Give thanks for the food banks which help those in need in our country, remembering those who give out the food and thanking Him for all those who donate the food. Ask Him to give us generous hearts to support these schemes.

Further away, let’s remember all those for whom there has been little or no harvest. Thank God for the work of charities including Christian Aid, Tearfund and Oxfam as they take God’s love to the people.

September marks the beginning of the new academic year so let’s pray for our schools.
Heavenly Father,
At the start of the new school year we give you thanks for the work of all schools and particularly those attended by the children in our benefice.
(Pause here to picture one of our local primary or secondary schools and the children and teachers working together.)
We pray for all children starting at new schools, and for those returning to a new form and new teachers. Please help the children explore what they can achieve, and give them confidence to play their part in shaping our world.
We pray for all those who work in schools. Please help them as they teach and as they care for the children. We pray especially for your guidance for the head teachers.
We pray for all the school governors. Grant them wisdom and sound judgement ad help them to keep the children’s well-being at the heart of everything they do.
Finally we thank you for the school-church links. We pray that through school assemblies and visits to the local churches the children and staff may grow in faith and come to know You more closely as their Saviour. Amen.
You may like to spend a little time thinking about any youngsters who will be leaving home for the first time to go to college or university. Pray for them in their excitement or nervousness as they leave. Pray too for their family members left at home as they too adjust to a new chapter in their lives. Bring before the Lord staff members who work in further education and higher education.

Towards the end of September and the beginning of October our churches celebrate their harvest festivals.
Think through a typical day and think of all the meals you would eat, think where the food comes from ad how it gets from farm to shop and then to plate. Give thanks to our heavenly Father and for His faithful provision and for all who work so hard at all stages so that we can enjoy it.
Pray for our harvest festivals that people may come along who wouldn’t normally come to church. Pray that they may feel very welcome and may want to find out more, eventually joining the church family.
Generous God,
You made our world and filled it with all that we need to live.

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