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September  2020

Healing Prayer Fellowship has moved online. The members of the team circulate prayer request by email to each other and then at 9.30am on Wednesday morning the team pray from their own homes for everyone who has contacted them during the week.

We would love to pray for you or someone else you’d like us to pray for. Please send us your prayer requests. Just include a name and your message

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Deanery prayer during coronavirus
Faithful God,
In this time of anxiety and uncertainty,
may your love be known more widely than any illness;
and may we remember that
your compassion is deeper than our distress,
your hope is brighter than the darkness that is upon us,
and may our loved ones, our neighbours,
and all those who worship in churches across our deanery
be bound together with your bonds of love and faithfulness,
that, together, we may rejoice in your gifts and graces.
In Jesus Christ we pray.

Prayers about the outbreak
Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us to love our neighbour,
and to care for those in need
as if we were caring for you.
In this time of anxiety, give us strength
to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
and to assure the isolated
of our love, and your love,
for your name’s sake.

God of compassion,
be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

For those who are ill
Merciful God,
we entrust to your tender care
those who are ill or in pain,
knowing that whenever danger threatens
your everlasting arms are there to hold them safe.
Comfort and heal them,
and restore them to health and strength;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For hospital staff and medical researchers
Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From one who is ill or isolated
O God,
help me to trust you,
help me to know that you are with me,
help me to believe that nothing can separate me
from your love
revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.

For the Christian community
We are not people of fear:
we are people of courage.
We are not people who protect our own safety:
we are people who protect our neighbours’ safety.
We are not people of greed:
we are people of generosity.
We are your people God,
giving and loving,
wherever we are,
whatever it costs
For as long as it takes
wherever you call us.

Diocesan Prayer Diary

Saturday 12th September.

Diocesan Children’s and Youth Work Adviser Carolyn Edwards.
Give thanks for all The Hope Club activities that the churches have been doing over the summer. Pray that A Journey Through the Bible family calendars give churches the opportunity to grow relationships with
families in their parishes, and help families to grow in their knowledge and love of God.
Diocese of Central Buganda (Uganda). Bishop Michael Lubowa.

Sunday 13th September. 14th Sunday after Trinity
Beverley Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Richard Parkinson; Lay Dean: Rodney Barton.
We give thanks for all that God continues to do through our Church communities in the town and villages of and around Beverley. Please pray for the continued wisdom in our response to Covid-19. The challenges of ministry and mission in the midst of this pandemic are significant. We have remained innovative in our worship as a deanery with all our benefices having some form of online and offline worship on a weekly basis. Pray for the energy, wisdom and innovation to see the future development of
this and all our deanery initiatives.
The Anglican Church of South America. Archbishop Gregory Venables, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of South America and Bishop of Argentina.

Monday 14th September.
Holy Cross Day
Beverley Minster; All Saints, Routh; St Paul, Tickton; St Leonard, Molescroft; St Peter, Woodmansey; Beverley Minster CE Primary; Tickton CE Primary; Woodmansey CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Canon Jonathan Baker, The Revd Wendy Wale.
Please pray for the developing mission of the Minster and its associated churches in the context of the pandemic, especially in the wider  community; for decisions about our ministry online; for the planning of
future events, especially the 1300th anniversary of the death of St John of Beverley, in 2021; and for our future financial sustainability.
Diocese of Central Busoga (Uganda). Bishop Patrick Wakula.

Tuesday 15th September.
Cyprian, bishop, martyr
St Mary, Beverley; St Mary’s CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Becky Lumley; Reader: Steve Parkin; Retired clergy: The Revd Erik Wilson, The Revd Michael Yates; Churchwardens: Beverley Lawrence, David Warren, Gill Gregory, Janet Osgerby.
Give thanks that the first phase of the restoration project (the repair of internal stonework and the north nave clerestory) has been completed and that the Narnia carvings added to the external church building will provide continued opportunity for mission and outreach. Pray for the next phases of restoration. Pray for our children and young people as they return to school. Pray for continued care for those worshipping virtually as well as physically and the growth in discipleship for all.
Diocese of Central Ecuador (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Victor Scantlebury.

Wednesday 16th September.
Ninian, bishop, apostle of the Picts, c. 432. Edward Bouverie Pusey, priest, 1882
St Nicholas, Beverley; Beverley St Nicholas Primary School
Clergy: The Revd Mike Peatman; Retired clergy: The Revd James Heale, The Revd Brian Lees; Churchwardens: Sarah Lambert, Carl Towse.
We are thankful for a strong sense of community during lockdown, and that we are now meeting together for worship. We pray for wisdom as we reopen our parish centre, for the financial resources we need for
our mission and ministry, and for discernment to know the right priorities.
Diocese of Central Florida (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Gregory Brewer.

Thursday 17th September. Hildegard, abbess, visionary, 1179
St Michael, Cherry Burton; St Mary, Dalton Holme; St Mary, Etton; Cherry Burton CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Richard Parkinson.
St Michael’s continues to be faithful to God’s call to grow the kingdom of God in Cherry Burton. So much of our regular programme of events and initiatives have been indefinitely postponed or cancelled due to the
current pandemic. Please pray for us as we seek new and innovative opportunities to grow in love and mission in the months ahead. For St Mary’s, Etton with St Mary’s, Dalton Holme, this year has been a
disappointment for many in our benefice and we see significant changes around the corner to how we seek to build bridges together into and through our villages. Pray for wisdom for our churchwardens and Priest-in-Charge as well as the other lay leaders in discerning the right re-focusing of our mission and ministry.
Diocese of Central Gulf Coast (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Russell Kendrick.

Friday 18th September.
St Catherine, Leconfield; St Mary, Lockington; All Saints, Lund; St Leonard, Scorborough; Lockington CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Carol Fisher-Bailey, The Revd Graham Collingwood (Normandy Barracks, Leconfield);
Churchwardens: Margaret Roberts, Andrea Parr, Sam Walton, Christine Lazenby, Olive Scruton, Sally Thorley; RPAs: Rosalind Walker, Sarah Gaydon, Andrea Parr, Graham Parr.
We hope new habits of offering support and worship at home will continue. Give thanks for our church office’s new home, and pray for Lockington Church to achieve a permanent roof! Pray for Lockington CE Primary and Leconfield Primary children to feel confident, settled and able to learn.
Diocese of Central New York (The Episcopal Church). Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe.

Saturday 19th September. Theodore, archbishop, 690
St Peter, Rowley; St Michael, Skidby; All Hallows, Walkington; All Saints, Bishop Burton; Little Weighton Rowley CE Primary; Skidby CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd David Messer.
Dear God, As you draw us ever deeper into your heart, we discover that our companions on the journey are women and men loved by you as fully and as intimately as I am. In your compassionate heart, there is a place
for all of them. No one is excluded. We remember our teachers, staff, governors and pupils at Little Weighton Rowley CE Primary and Skidby CE Primary. Give us a share in your compassion, dear God, so that your
unlimited love may become visible in the way we love our brothers and sisters across our benefice – including our wider communities – as we work together through the times we have faced and will face in love. Amen.
Diocese of Central Newfoundland (Canada). Bishop John Watton.

Sunday 20th September. 15th Sunday after Trinity
Bishop Burton College
Chaplain: The Revd Richard Parkinson.
Like all educational establishments, from primary schools to universities, the staff at Bishop Burton College is working diligently to prepare for the new academic year this September. Pray for our senior leadership
team, governors, and teaching and support staff as we create an agile and safe working and learning environment on campus.
The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, Bishop of Juba and Archbishop of the Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Monday 21st September. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
Archdeacon of East Riding – The Venerable Andy Broom.
The coronavirus pandemic has impacted on churches in many ways. Please pray that alongside offering practical advice, I am able to encourage and envision churches to identify the opportunities that this has produced and to embrace the change that might be involved.
Diocese of Kitgum (Uganda). Bishop Wilson Kitara.

Tuesday 22nd September.
Hull University
Please pray for all students and staff at the University of Hull and the changes for everyone in the new academic year. Pray that all settle into new routines and learning experiences in a changing world. Pray for
the staff of the university, as they adjust to different ways of teaching. Pray too that all continue to find a sense of home and community at the university.
Diocese of Central Pennsylvania (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Audrey Scanlan.

Wednesday 23rd September.
Ember Day
South African Diocesan Companion Link – The Revd Canon John Ford.
Please pray for our link dioceses of Cape Town, Saldhana Bay and False Bay in South Africa and for Archbishop Thabo and Bishops Raphael and Margaret. Please pray especially for the Venerable Joshua Louw, who was consecrated as the Bishop of Table Bay on 1 September, as he starts his new ministry in the Diocese of Cape Town. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused severe restrictions in church life in South Africa as it has here in the UK. Please pray for those affected, especially those who cannot access good healthcare, either because of the lack of suitable facilities or for financial reasons.
Diocese of Central Philippines (Philippines). Bishop Dixie Copanut Taclobao.

Thursday 24th September.
Archbishop of York Youth Trust
The Archbishop of York Youth Trust is passionate about developing opportunities for young people to grow in leadership, faith and character, in partnership with schools, churches and communities. Through the Young Leaders Award, the Youth Trust has empowered over 100,000 pupils from over 850 schools to learn and practise key leadership skills and character virtues and to transform their communities through social action. Please pray for schools starting back in September, that pupils would feel confident and excited to get back to school and for the Youth Trust team as we support working with schools in uncertain times.
Diocese of Central Solomons (Melanesia). Bishop Ben Seka.

Friday 25th September.
Lancelot Andrewes, bishop, spiritual writer, 1626. Sergei of Radonezh,
monastic reformer, teacher of the faith,1392.

Ember Day
Women’s Ministry
The Revd Canon Elaine Bielby.
Please give thanks for all who support and encourage women in ministry, both lay and ordained. Please pray for all involved in the life of the Church as we continue to live out the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests, as we serve the people of God in this diocese.
Diocese of Central Zambia (Central Africa). Bishop Derek Gary Kamukwamba (Diocesan Bishop).

Saturday 26th September.
Wilson Carlile, founder of the Church Army, 1942 .
Ember Day
Celebration of Ministry
This weekend sees the Ordination of Deacons and the Admission of Readers at York Minster by Archbishop Stephen. Please pray for all being ordained or admitted, that God would equip them for and bless them in their new ministries, and would give each one of us ears to hear his call to us today.
Diocese of Central Zimbabwe (Central Africa). The Revd Ignatius Makumbe.

Sunday 27th September.  16th Sunday after Trinity
Diocese of Blackburn
Bishop Julian Henderson.
The Diocese of Blackburn has responded well to the challenges of the pandemic, but we face big decisions about finances and plans for 2021 budget. We have an update for our Vision rolling out in the autumn and two weeks of prayer before two weeks of Gift Day appeal for the whole diocese.
The Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Archbishop Ezekiel Kumir Kondo, Archbishop of the Province of Sudan and Bishop of Khartoum.

Monday 28th September.
Blackburn Cathedral
The Very Reverend Peter Howell-Jones.
Blackburn Cathedral is currently facing significant financial strain. Please pray for the Chapter and staff team as together we wrestle with a number of redundancies. We give thanks to God for the provision of an interim Canon Precentor and look forward with great anticipation to future
possibilities in developing a new worshipping congregation.
Diocese of Chandigarh (North India). Bishop Younas Massey.

Tuesday 29th September. Michael and All Angels
Diocese of Liverpool
Bishop Paul Bayes.
Please pray that in these difficult days we may remain faithful to our Diocesan purpose – asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference – and that we can hold fast to this, and to the vision of
God that undergirds it.
Diocese of Chelmsford (England). Vacant.

Wednesday 30th September.
Jerome, translator, teacher of the faith, 420
Liverpool Cathedral
The Very Revd Dr Sue Jones.
Please pray for the Cathedral’s 2024 Vision; for Liverpool Cathedral as a place of encounter; for an increase in people coming to faith ; for our engagement with the Sepas community; and for our Zone 2
cafe -style service. Pray too for our relationships in the city as we move together into an uncertain future.
Diocese of Chester (England). Bishop Mark Tanner.

Thursday 1st October.

Remigius, bishop, 533. Anthony Ashley Cooper, social reformer
Sports Chaplaincy UK — Adam May
Give thanks for all new chaplains we have continued to train during recent months and pray for discernment when placing new sports chaplains into clubs and gyms. Pray for creativity and boldness for all sports chaplains
as they seek to engage with their local community of sport in new ways as we emerge into a new reality. Give thanks for all the opportunities that sports chaplains have been able to use to engage with others despite the
recent national lockdown.
Diocese of Chhattisgarh (North India). Bishop Robert Ali.

Friday 2nd October.
The Archbishop of York
Pray for Archbishop Stephen as he continues to settle in his new role. Pray for opportunities to speak a message of hope in difficult times, and for grace to lead the Church in prayerfulness, simplicity and Christ-centredness.
Diocese of Chichester (England). Bishop Martin Warner.

Saturday 3rd October. George Bell, bishop, ecumenist, peacemaker 1958
Easingwold Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Steve Whiting; Lay Dean: Margaret Price.
Please pray for our first Covid-19 Deanery Synod meeting this month: that members have the courage to attend; that by God’s grace they are kept safe; and that through the Holy Spirit we have a good and fruitful synod. We
give thanks for the Deanery Synod members who will be standing down and for the new members the Lord is raising up.
Diocese of Chotanagpur (North India). Bishop B. B. Baskey.

Sunday 4th October.
17th Sunday after Trinity
St Stephen, Aldwark; St Mary, Alne; St Michael, Tollerton; St Peter, Brafferton; St Mary, Myton-on Swale; St Mary Magdalene, Thormanby; St Peter’s CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Debbie Coyne, The Revd Carmel Gittens.
Pray for our ongoing ministry in the communities we serve, especially amongst those who are isolated or anxious at this time.
The Anglican Church of Tanzania. The Most Revd Dr Maimbo Mndolwa, Archbishop of Tanzania and Bishop of Tanga.

Monday 5th October.
The Byland Churches: St Michael, Coxwold; St Mary, Carlton Husthwaite; St Nicholas, Husthwaite; St Thomas, Wass; All Saints, Brandsby; Holy Trinity, Yearsley; St Cuthbert, Crayke; Crayke CE Primary; Husthwaite CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Liz Hassall, The Revd Dr S. Pope. Retired clergy: The Ven H. Buckingham. Reader in Training: L. Crawshaw. Churchwardens: A. Buckingham, K. Rasmussen, J. Butler, C. Stratton, F. Warriner, R. Collard,
M. Naylor, R. Williams, J. Foster. Head Teachers: Judi Jackson (Crayke); Fiona Bennett (Husthwaite).
Pray for all we serve, that the church may actively seek out those who are struggling with the restrictions. As we approach the coming vacancy, pray for all the churchwardens as they lead the parishes and for the clergy
supporting them. Pray for our children and families, that we may find new ways of worshipping with them.
Diocese of Christ the King (Southern Africa). Bishop William Mostert.

Tuesday 6th October. William Tyndale, translator, martyr, 1536
St John the Baptist and All Saints, Easingwold; St Mary, Raskelf
Clergy: The Revd Margaret Young, The Revd Lottie Cranfield; Retired Clergy: The Revd Robin Davill, The Revd John Hetherington, The Revd David Senior, The Revd Chris Peel.
We pray for the parish as it lives through the pandemic with its restrictions; the elderly feeling lonely; the young who are frustrated at the limitations; and all of the groups who are unable to meet in our parish rooms.
Diocese of Christchurch (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia). Bishop Peter Carrell.

Wednesday 7th October.
All Saints, Newton-on-Ouse; Holy Evangelist, Shipton; St Giles, Skelton; Forest of Galtres CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Malcolm Wainwright, The Revd Trevor Gant, The Revd Catherine Toase, The Revd Taff Morgan; Reader: Graeme Wrightson; Churchwardens: Cathy Peacock, Stephanie Dow, Ingrid Kothari, Ian
Holbrook, Carolyn Evans.
Pray for the final stage of work at Newton-on-Ouse, and projects at Shipton and Skelton; for God’s blessing on all our new online services, which continue alongside open churches; for continued chaplaincy and work at Shipton School; for St Catherine’s Nursing Home, Shipton; for our planned work with YoYo in school and the new project at Skelton Church; and for the new build estate on the A19—that we will find the best ways to offer Christ’s love to this part of Skelton. We pray also for God’s blessing on Linton-on-Ouse as the RAF presence leaves.
Diocese of Chubu (Japan). Bishop Peter Ichiro Shibusawa.

Thursday 8th October.
St Mary, Strensall
Clergy: The Revd Martin Harrison, The Revd Katharine McBride, The Revd Dot Hicks; Retired Clergy: The Revd Dr Judith Palmer, The Revd Frank Fletcher.
Please pray for our links with the Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy and the work we do with YoYo and Open the Book at the school. Please also pray that our plans for outside celebrations for All Hallows’ Eve and Remembrance Sunday will be well received by the wider community.
Diocese of Clogher (Ireland). Bishop John McDowell.

Friday 9th October. Denys, bishop and his companions, martyrs, c. 250.
Robert Grosseteste, bishop, philosopher, scientist, 1253
The Forest of Galtres: St Leonard, Farlington; St Mary, Marton; St Helen and the Holy Cross, Sheriff Hutton; St Nicholas, Stillington; All Hallows, Sutton-on-the-Forest; Huby CE Primary; Sutton-on-theForest CE Primary; Stillington Community Primary; Sheriff Hutton Primary
Clergy: The Revd Steve Whiting; Retired Clergy: The Revd Canon Robert Law; Readers: Harold Mytum, Margaret Price; Churchwardens: Paddy Crossley, Richard Haste, Caroline Hunt, Jill Hodges, Neil Hodges,
Richard Mapletoft, Janet Martin, Sue Whiting, Martin Wiltshire, Sally Wright.
Pray for the wisdom and guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit as we endeavour to be the people God calls us to be: to be church, to do church, and to live church for the benefit of all people in the midst of Covid19.
Diocese of Coimbatore (South India). Bishop Timothy Ravinder.

Saturday 10th October. Paulinus, bishop, missionary, 644.
Thomas Traherne, poet, spiritual writer, 1674
Deanery of South Holderness
Area Dean: The Revd Susan Walker; Lay Dean: Andrew Pate.
Please pray for the deanery, giving thanks for all that God continues to do in this rural area, and for the innovative ways through which it has kept its worship and spiritual life alive during lockdown. We pray for God’s guidance as we look to the future: that we might have the wisdom and courage to go forward in faith and hope and find new ways in these difficult times to share the gospel, develop the spiritual life of the
deanery, take Christian care and concern – together with the gospel – to all deanery areas and maintain family friendly outreach. We give particular thanks for our retired priests, our Deanery priest, Deanery Deacons, and
our many RPAs and worship leaders who keep worship going in our 23 churches.
Diocese of Colombia (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Francisco Duque.

Sunday 11th October.
18th Sunday after Trinity
All Saints, Burstwick; St Peter, Burton Pidsea; St Lawrence, Elstronwick; St Peter, Humbleton; St Mary, Thorngumbald; All Saints, Halsham
Clergy: The Revd Susan Walker; The Revd John McWilliams; Retired Clergy: The Revd Ian Walker, The Revd Philip West; Churchwardens: Mary Jane Barker, Brenda Frear, Judith Harrison, Tracey Netherton, Richard
Netherton, Rachel Priestley, Ken Wilson, Muriel Wilson.
Please pray for the benefice as it faces a vacancy: that, with the help of Recognised Parish Assistants and Churchwardens, it may continue to find ways to work together while maintaining worship in the scattered
villages. Please also pray for us as we try and understand what mission means in these difficult times in our rural context; for our work with our local community schools and uniformed organisations; and for our Messy
Church and family-friendly initiatives, especially that new and creative ways may be found to develop this work despite the restrictions.
The Church of the Province of Uganda. The Most Revd Stephen Samuel Kaziimba, Archbishop of Uganda and Bishop of Kampala.

Monday 12th October. Wilfrid, bishop, missionary, 709.
Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer, 1845. Edith Cavell, nurse, 1915
St Nicholas, Keyingham; St Wilfrid, Ottringham; St Patrick, Patrington; St Mary, Welwick; St Germain, Winestead; All Saints, Easington; St Helen, Skeffling; Easington and Patrington CE Primary Schools
Clergy: The Revd Alisdair Laird, The Revd Janice Sharp; Churchwardens: Lois Rutter, Ian Rutter, John Rees, Sue Dughan, Audrey Clark, Angela Hamilton, Chris Unwin, Jean Wilkin, Andrew Pate, Nicholas Hildyard, David
Please join us in praying for our new vicar, Reverend Alisdair, and his wife Ann as they settle into our benefice; and for all involved in All Saints’ FareShare surplus food project in Easington. Please give thanks too
for all clergy, Recognised Parish Assistants, worship leaders and all who contributed to the benefice by ministering to us in the interregnum, especially during the pandemic restrictions.
Diocese of Colombo (Ceylon). Bishop Dhiloraj Ranjit Canagasabey.

Tuesday 13th October. Edward the Confessor, king, 1066
St Augustine, Hedon; St Andrew and St Mary, Paull; All Saints, Preston; St Swithin, Sproatley; Sproatley CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Dr Susan Pulko.
Pray that the churches of the benefice would continue to be a faithful witness to the hope of Christ and a light to the communities in which they are set.
Diocese of Colorado (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Robert O’Neill.

Wednesday 14th October.
St Nicholas, Holmpton; St Matthew, Owthorne; St Michael, Garton in Holderness; St Margaret, Hilston; All Saints, Roos; All Saints, Tunstall; St Nicholas, Hollym; Roos CE Primary School
Clergy: The Revd Martin Faulkner, The Revd Philip West, The Revd John McWilliams, The Revd Diane Berry;
Retired Clergy: The Revd Duncan Harris, The Revd Philip Moate, The Revd Ronald Howard, The Revd Janice Sharp; RPAs: Ros MacGregor, Sue McWilliams.
We have many elderly people in our congregations and many have chosen to stay home where they feel safer rather than return to church. We are thankful for technology and our newly learnt skills that allow those at
home to access services, including some who have never been in our church buildings.
Diocese of Concepcion (Chile). Bishop Enrique Lago Zugadi.

Thursday 15th October. Teresa of Avila, teacher of the faith, 1582
York Diocese Leadership team
Pray for the Archbishop and the Diocesan Leadership Team as they meet today with Area Deans. Pray for mutual encouragement and support and for fresh vision and inspiration from the Holy Spirit.
Diocese of Connecticut (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Ian Douglas.

Friday 16th October. Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, bishops, martyrs, 1555
Bishopthorpe Palace
The Archbishop of York, The Most Revd and Right Honourable Stephen Cottrell.
Chief of Staff: The Revd Canon Malcolm Macnaughton; Chaplain Researcher: The Revd Canon Dr Daphne Green;
Domestic Chaplain: The Revd Simon Bray, and all the staff at the Office of the Archbishop of York.
Pray for the team at Bishopthorpe as they get to know their new Archbishop, that good and supportive working relationships would be quickly established and that they would be encouraged and equipped to continue to provide the support and assistance needed for the Archbishop in his many responsibilities.
Diocese of Cork, Cloyne & Ross (Ireland). Bishop William Paul Colton.

Saturday 17th October. Ignatius, bishop, martyr, c. 107
The Bishop of London, Chair of the Church Recovery Group
Please pray for Bishop Sarah Mullally and the Church of England’s Recovery Group as they seek to support the church across the country in responding wisely, safely and creatively to the ongoing pandemic.
Diocese of Costa Rica (Central America). Bishop Orlando Gomez.

Sunday 18th October.
19th Sunday after Trinity.
New Priests in the Diocese
The Revd David Mann, Diocesan Director of Ordinands.
Please remember in your prayers all those shortly to be ordained Deacons, Distinctive Deacons and Priests. Especially pray for them, given changes in circumstances and restrictions, with regard to preordination retreats and ordination services. Pray that none of this will detract from their sense of God’s call on their lives and an exciting start to this new chapter in their ministries.
The Episcopal Church. The Most Revd Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

Monday 19th October. Luke the Evangelist
Mothers’ Union
Diocesan President (York): Hilary Castle. Chaplain: The Revd Canon John Ford. Give thanks for the work of the Mothers’ Union in the Diocese and across the world. Pray for all those to whom the MU is the visible sign of Christ’s love, and for all those who serve selflessly in his name to support families and help them to flourish.
Diocese of Coventry (England). Bishop Christopher Cocksworth.

Tuesday 20th October.
The Archdeacon of York, The Venerable Sam Rushton
Pray for the Archdeacon and all those in leadership in the Archdeaconry of York. Pray for kindness, wisdom and clarity of purpose as we continue the journey through and out of Covid-19. Pray for good decision-making
which enables growth in discipleship, prayer and mission.
Diocese of Cuba (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Griselda Delgado Del Carpio.

Wednesday 21st October.
New Ainsty Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Geoff Mumford; Lay Dean: Peter Teale; DFA: Nick Jupe; Deanery Secretary: Caroline Bolton.
We pray for more opportunities to see the Gospel proclaimed across the deanery in our parishes, schools and workplaces, building on a very positive Northern Bishops’ Mission in March. We pray for both the benefices that have been in vacancy, for the appointment of The Revd Simon Biddlestone at Poppleton and Holy Redeemer Church, York and for the arrangement being made to fill the Tadcaster Benefice. We give thanks for our retired colleagues who will be resuming valuable duties in the coming months. As we move forward may the deanery become more united as we manage fewer resources.
Diocese of Cueibet (South Sudan). Bishop Elijah Muteny Awet.

Thursday 22nd October.
St Andrew, Bishopthorpe; Holy Trinity, Acaster Malbis; St John, Acaster Selby; All Saints, Appleton Roebuck; Archbishop of York CE Junior School
Clergy: The Revd Canon Chris Coates, The Revd P. Macnaughton, The Revd Canon M. Macnaughton, The Revd C. Everett-Allen, The Revd A. Hughes; Churchwardens: S. Hall, P. Bolton, R. Reid, J. Skinner, D. Rowley; Readers:
M. Sargent, T. Whaley; RPAs: M. Dunn, R. Dunn, P. Bolton; Head Teachers: J. Green, N. Fox, A. Cummings.
Please pray for and give thanks for all church officers and for their faithfulness. Give thanks for all the great recorded and zoomed services during lockdown, and for church young people’s Zoom groups, as well as After Eight Bible group. Give thanks for the new ways God is encouraging us to be his church in a world hungry for the food of his love; and for the regular contact with members of the congregations when we couldn’t
visit. Praise God that visiting can happen again as well as worship in the churches. Please pray for our Gift Day this month and for the farming communities who are part of the faith family in our churches.
Diocese of Cuernavaca (Mexico). Bishop Enrique Treviño Cruz.

Friday 23rd October.
St Nicholas, Askham Bryan; All Saints, Bolton Percy; St Paul, Colton; St Giles, Copmanthorpe Clergy: The Revd G. Mumford, The Revd G. Webb; Churchwardens: E. Peers, S. Jarrett; Reader in training: D. Smahon;
Retired Clergy: The Revd J. Dash, The Revd C. Everett-Allan; RPAs: G. Smith, W. Thomson-Smith, L. Isherwood.
As we get to grips with what a ‘new normal’ will look like, we give thanks for the way the crisis has brought the parishes of the plurality together as geography became less important. We pray for the continued development
of our Messy Church and our plans for worship as we find ourselves with an enforced opportunity to do things differently. May God reveal his vision for the future. We also pray for those who have been unable to engage
with online opportunities and for their confidence to grow in meeting together again, while we take all the precautions necessary to be Covid-secure. We also pray for all those who have had hard bereavements and
those who have had their wedding plans turned upside down.
Diocese of Cuttack (North India). Bishop Surendra Kumar Nanda.

Saturday 24th October.
St Mary the Virgin, Boston Spa; All Saints, Thorp Arch; St Peter, Walton; All Saints, Bramham; Boston Spa St Mary’s CE Primary; Lady Elizabeth Hastings CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Nick Morgan, The Revd Trish Anslow.
As we look forward to building on the new sense of community which online worship has opened up to us, and begin a new era of blended online and face to face worship and fellowship, pray for The Revd Nick Morgan, The Revd Trish Anslow and the churchwardens and lay people involved in leading our worship and pastoral work. Please pray for us as we review the ministry of children and young people in our villages, and our work
to support them in their faith as we look for new ways of operating following the departure of Kate Kennedy, who has led and coordinated this important part of our church life in recent years.
Diocese of Cyangugu (Rwanda). Bishop Francis Karenera.

Sunday 25th October.
Last Sunday after Trinity
St Luke, Clifford
Clergy: The Revd Ken Gabbadon; Churchwardens: Victoria Gausden, Jane Sellars. St Luke’s remains forever grateful for the faithful prayers of God’s people. We are aware of the challenges of proclaiming and living out the Christian gospel during these unusual, worrying and confusing days, and so we are encouraged by the prayers of the worldwide Christian community. In these challenging days of Covid-19, we give thanks to God for our local church family as we endeavour to be the light, hope and peace of Christ to
our community and beyond. For a time we were not able to meet in our building, yet – thanks be to God! – the church was still active as individuals daily lived out Christ’s presence wherever they were located.
The Church in Wales. The Most Revd John Davies, Archbishop of Wales; Bishop of Swansea and Brecon.

Monday 26th October. Alfred, king, scholar, 899.
Cedd, abbot, bishop, 664
St Mary, Askham Richard; St James, Bilbrough; All Saints, Long Marston; All Saints, Rufforth; The Epiphany, Tockwith; Long Marston CE Primary; St Mary’s CE Primary; Tockwith CE Primary; Rufforth Primary
Clergy: The Revd Martin Otter; Reader: Ann Watson; Retired Clergy: The Revd Stephen Brown.
We give thanks for the faith and generosity of our existing congregations and pray for continued guidance in providing new ways to bring Jesus into the lives of others. We pray for our four primary schools as they provide care and encouragement to the children in difficult circumstances.
Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf (Jerusalem & Middle East). Bishop Michael Augustine Owen Lewis (Primate).

Tuesday 27th October.
St John the Baptist, Hessay; All Saints, Moor Monkton; St John the Baptist, Healaugh; All Saints, Wighill; St Helen, Bilton-in-Ainsty with Bickerton
Clergy: The Revd Richard Battersby.
Please pray for all those in our villages who are ill, anxious or lonely. Pray for the churches of the benefice: that they would be filled with hope and renewed during this time.
Diocese of Daejeon (Korea). Archbishop Moses Nagjun Yoo (Primate).

Wednesday 28th October. Simon and Jude, Apostles
St Everilda, Nether Poppleton; All Saints, Upper Poppleton; Manor CE School
Clergy: Vacant; Retired clergy: The Revd Michael Fossett; Churchwardens: Mike Hetmanski, Mark Boast, Lynda Salmon.
Give thanks for the appointment of Simon Biddlestone to the benefice, and pray for the development of ministry in Poppleton, Acomb and at Manor CE Academy.
Diocese of Dallas (The Episcopal Church). Bishop George R. Sumner Jr.

Thursday 29th October. James Hannington, bishop, martyr, 1885
St Andrew, Newton Kyme; St Mary, Tadcaster; St John the Baptist, Kirkby Wharfe; St Mary, Church Fenton; Kirk Fenton CE Primary
Clergy: Vacant; Retired Clergy: The Revd Colin Cheeseman; Churchwardens: Jonathan Craig, Dajan Hatton, Lucinda Jennings, Quintin Komaromy, Karen Leason, Celia Oldroyd, Sally Smart; Readers: Dorothy Clark, Peter
Hodgson, Jane Perkins, Steve West, Tricia West.
Please pray for the four churches and the communities that make up the Tadcaster benefice as we await the arrival of a new curate and as we continue to work in partnership with the Diocese to appoint an incumbent.
Please also pray for all those who are leading our churches at present, especially as they discern how to balance services in church and online.
Diocese of Damaturu (Nigeria). Bishop Yohannah A. Audu.

Friday 30th October.
Chaplaincy of Askham Grange Prison
Pray for all those involved in chaplaincy at Askham Grange, and for good and wise decisions, both in the running of the prison and in the arrangements for chaplaincy in the future.
Diocese of Davao (Philippines). Bishop Jonathan Labasan Casimina.

Saturday 31st October. Martin Luther, reformer, 1546
Prayer for the UK Parliament
Continue to pray for Parliament and Government as they wrestle with the pandemic and continue to work on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Pray for humility, wisdom and vision for our leaders.
Diocese of Delaware (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Kevin S. Brown.