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November  2020

Healing Prayer Fellowship has moved online. The members of the team circulate prayer request by email to each other and then at 9.30am on Wednesday morning the team pray from their own homes for everyone who has contacted them during the week.

We would love to pray for you or someone else you’d like us to pray for. Please send us your prayer requests. Just include a name and your message

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Deanery prayer during coronavirus
Faithful God,
In this time of anxiety and uncertainty,
may your love be known more widely than any illness;
and may we remember that
your compassion is deeper than our distress,
your hope is brighter than the darkness that is upon us,
and may our loved ones, our neighbours,
and all those who worship in churches across our deanery
be bound together with your bonds of love and faithfulness,
that, together, we may rejoice in your gifts and graces.
In Jesus Christ we pray.

Prayers about the outbreak
Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us to love our neighbour,
and to care for those in need
as if we were caring for you.
In this time of anxiety, give us strength
to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
and to assure the isolated
of our love, and your love,
for your name’s sake.

God of compassion,
be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

For those who are ill
Merciful God,
we entrust to your tender care
those who are ill or in pain,
knowing that whenever danger threatens
your everlasting arms are there to hold them safe.
Comfort and heal them,
and restore them to health and strength;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For hospital staff and medical researchers
Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From one who is ill or isolated
O God,
help me to trust you,
help me to know that you are with me,
help me to believe that nothing can separate me
from your love
revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.

For the Christian community
We are not people of fear:
we are people of courage.
We are not people who protect our own safety:
we are people who protect our neighbours’ safety.
We are not people of greed:
we are people of generosity.
We are your people God,
giving and loving,
wherever we are,
whatever it costs
For as long as it takes
wherever you call us.

Diocesan Prayer Diary

Friday 27th November.
Dulverton Hall Supported Housing Scheme for Retired Clergy
Clergy Retirement Officer: The Revd Ruth Newton.
Please pray for and give thanks for Sharon James, Manager, and her dedicated team, who support the retired clergy and widows living at Dulverton Hall, especially for their thoughtful care in keeping everyone safe during these difficult times. Pray for all the residents, that those who have given much in their various ministries may find rest and refreshment here.
Diocese of Eastern Himalayas (North India). Vacant.

Saturday 28th November.
Diocesan Synod
Pray for wisdom, vision, good communication and mutual understanding as Synod meets online. Pray for discernment of how the Lord is leading us by his Spirit.
Diocese of Eastern Kowloon (Hong Kong). Bishop Timothy Kwok.

Sunday 29th November. Advent Sunday
HMP Humber
Chaplain: The Revd Nigel Ely.
Please pray for the chaplaincy team at HMP Humber, that we may bring prisoners hope through our ministry, showing and sharing God’s love and truth. Please pray for all the prison officers and other staff, that they may
remain well and continue to do their challenging work within the prison, and please pray for all the prisoners, that they also may remain fit, and be able to cope with all the anxieties and stresses of prison life.
The Lusitanian Church (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury). Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral, Bishop of the Lusitanian Church.

Monday 30th November. Andrew the Apostle
Bishop of Beverley The Rt Revd Glyn Webster.
Please pray for Bishop Glyn in his ministry across the Northern Province, among all those who look to him for pastoral and sacramental care, as he seeks to support his parishes from a distance during these difficult
days, giving thanks for a steady number of those being baptised and confirmed.
Diocese of Eastern Michigan (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Todd Ousley.

Tuesday 1st December. Charles de Foucauld, hermit, 1916
Church of England’s Anti-Racism Taskforce
Co-Chairs: The Revd Arun Arora and The Revd Sonia Barron.
Pray for the members of the Taskforce to have unity of purpose and clarity of thought, that racism in the Church would be identified and faced up to, and that justice would be done.
Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada). Bishop Geoffrey Peddle.

Wednesday 2nd December. South Wold Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Canon Caroline Pinchbeck; Lay Dean: Dave Millican.
Please pray for all our parishes working with their local foodbanks, schools and other organisations to meet the needs exacerbated by Covid-19. We give thanks for those enabling and adapting worship to ensure our congregations remain engaged. We pray for the Deanery Leadership Team as we discern the mission and ministry needs of our communities.
Eastern Oregon (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Patrick Bell.

Thursday 3rd December. Francis Xavier, missionary, 1552
St Giles, Burnby; St Martin, Hayton; All Saints, Londesborough; All Saints, Shiptonthorpe; St Ethelburga, Great Givendale; St Mary, Huggate; St Margaret, Millington; St James, Nunburnholme; All Saints, Pocklington; Pocklington CE Infant School; Warter CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Bronnie Broadhurst, The Revd Dr Jake Belder; Retired Clergy: The Revd P. Burdon, The Revd T. Burdon, The Revd S. Jones, The Revd Canon R. Nicholson, The Revd L. Slow; Readers: M. Bailey,
P. Dean, A. Harrison, B. Myerscough, D. Rumbelow, B. Snelson; RPAs: F. Bailey, J. Hadley, B. James, L. Stanton; Churchwardens: N. Laws, H. Slow, J. Hewitt, C. Soukup, M. Stephens, E. Thackray, R. Braithwaite, S. Dale, J. Fletcher, J. Burley, A. Henworth, F. Bailey; Headteachers: Pocklington CE Infant School: Dr L. Bartram, Warter CE Primary School: Miss A. Metcalf.
We give thanks for the arrival of Jake Belder and ask you to pray for his mission and ministry in the parishes. Please pray for all our churches as we navigate the constantly changing circumstances, especially thinking about the elderly and unwell; for our schools affected by the virus; and for the Pastoral Team searching for new ways of connecting with the needy.
Eastern Zambia (Central Africa). Bishop William Mchombo.

Friday 4th December. John of Damascus, monk, teacher of the faith, c. 749.
St Peter and St Paul, Scrayingham; All Saints, Catton; St John the Baptist, Stamford Bridge
Clergy: The Revd Simon Pritchard, The Revd Maggy Ellison; Retired Clergy: The Revd Giles Galley, The Revd Peter Langford; Readers: Lucy Lawson, Wendy MacFarlane; Churchwardens: Andrea Palin, Chris Whitaker, Pat Smith, Caroline Gilderdale, Hugo Hildyard.
We thank God for the many people who offer their skills and creativity to our parishes. Please pray for those amongst us who feel isolated, those who are fearful for their mental health and those for whom it is necessary to shield. Pray with us for our farmers and the uncertainties they are facing. Please pray we may be the Christ light in our communities.
Eau Claire (The Episcopal Church). The Revd William Jay Lambert.

Saturday 5th December.

Pocklington School
Chaplain: The Revd Canon Bill Merrington; Headmaster: Toby Seth; Head of Prep School: Suzy Ward; Pastoral Director: Martin Davies.
Pocklington School Chaplaincy continues despite Covid-19 with pre-recorded assemblies for the junior school and assemblies for upper school in year bubbles, without hymns. We have maintained worship
with our boarding students, worshipping outside sometimes. Pray for increasing links with pupils and the personal development course I’m running with Sixth Formers.
Edinburgh (Scotland). Bishop John Armes.

Sunday 6th December. 2nd Sunday of Advent
A Prayer from the Call to Prayer for the Nation Loving God, your Son Jesus Christ came that we might have life and have it abundantly; pour out your
blessing upon our nation; where there is illness, bring your healing touch; where there is fear, strengthen us with the knowledge of your presence; where there is uncertainty, build us up in faith; where there is
dishonesty, lead us into truth; where there is discord, may we know the harmony of your love; this we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury);
Bishop Carlos López-Lozano, Bishop of Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church.

7th December. Ambrose, bishop, teacher of the faith, 397
St Edith, Bishop Wilton; St Andrew, Bugthorpe; St Mary, Full Sutton; All Saints, Kirby Underdale; St Mary, Skirpenbeck; Bugthorpe CE Primary; Bishop Wilton CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Linda Munt, The Revd Canon Mike Kavanagh.
Give thanks for the reach of the broadcast service and wisdom in how to support those people who are rediscovering their faith in fresh ways through sharing in weekly online worship. Celebrate the mutual
care and support within the villages and the involvement with the churches. Pray for guidance in engaging creatively with the two schools, given present restrictions, so that the good relationships with
staff and children can continue to deepen.
Edmonton (Canada). Vacant.

Tuesday 8th December. Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St Botolph, Allerthorpe; St Catherine, Barmby Moor; St Martin, Fangfoss; St Michael, Thornton; St Martin, Yapham; Barmby Moor CE Primary; Fangfoss St Martin’s CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Jan Hardy.
Pray for the churches in the group as they seek to maintain a visible Christian presence, and for those who have used the churches for prayer during the second lockdown.
Egba (Nigeria). Bishop Emmanuel Adekunle.

Wednesday 9th December. Ember Day
All Hallows, Goodmanham; All Saints, Market Weighton; All Saints, Sancton; Mount Pleasant CE Junior School
Clergy: The Revd Caroline Pinchbeck.
Please pray for our three communities as we are in Lockdown 2 and we work to ensure our congregations, through various media, can still worship and pray together. We pray for the People’s Pantry as we work with them to ensure they can be sustainable. Pray too for our primary and secondary
schools as we work with them to provide collective worship and pastoral support.
Egba West (Nigeria). Bishop Dr Samuel Oludele Ogundeji.

Thursday 10th December. Prayer for the UK Parliament
God of hope, in these times of change, unite our nation and guide our leaders with your wisdom. Give us courage to overcome our fears, and help us to build a future in which all may prosper and share; through
Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
Egbu (Nigeria). Bishop Geoffrey Okoroafor.

Friday 11th December. Ember Day
All Saints, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor; Bursea Chapel, St Peter, Harswell; St Everilda, Everingham; St Giles, Bielby; St Edmund, Seaton Ross
Clergy: The Revd Canon Stephen Cope.
We give thanks for Anne-Marie, now licensed as a reader, and pray for all those in training. Please pray for those who still feel vulnerable and unsure about returning to church when permitted, and for those who have difficulty with online worship. Pray also for all whose weddings and baptisms have been postponed.
Eha – Amufu (Nigeria). Bishop Daniel Olinya.

Saturday 12th December. Ember Day
St John the Baptist, Wilberfoss; Wilberfoss CE Primary
Clergy: Vacancy; Reader: Peter Green; Churchwardens: Diane Dawson, Rose Riley.
We pray for the Church of St John the Baptist, Wilberfoss and the good links we share with our village primary school. We give thanks for the  headteacher and all the staff working hard in challenging times. May God continue to grant us all grace and mercy. Amen.
Ekiti Kwara (Nigeria). Bishop Andrew Ajayi.

Sunday 13th December. 3rd Sunday of Advent
Harthill Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Jacki Tonkin; Lay Dean: Martin Adams.
We give thanks for the deanery vision of Encouraging, Resourcing and Enabling. This has been so important as we have sought to enable the parishes to work together, sharing skills and expertise over
the months of lockdown. The Deanery Leadership Team has met via Zoom, as has the Synod. We give thanks for all who have served on Synod over the triennium and we look forward to moving forward in
the coming year: new ways of working, for sure, but the same Gospel to proclaim.
The Falkland Islands (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury). Bishop Timothy Thornton, Bishop to the Forces and Bishop to the Falkland Islands.

Monday 14th December. John of the Cross, poet, teacher of the faith, 1591
HMP Full Sutton
Clergy: The Revd Glen Hocken, The Revd Andy Robinson.
We would welcome prayer for Full Sutton as we have just become an outbreak site for Covid-19. Many staff and some prisoners have tested positive – please pray for good infection control. Our Church of
England Chaplain, Andy Robinson was licensed by Bishop John on 31st October this year, and is now helping the multi-faith Chaplaincy Team to meet the increasing demand for pastoral care after many months of lockdown.
El Camino Real (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves.

Tuesday 15th December.
St Martin, Burton Agnes; St John of Beverley, Harpham; St Martin, Lowthorpe; St Nicholas,
Ruston Parva; Burton Agnes CE Primary Clergy: The Revd James Anderson.
Please pray for the Church primary school under the inspiring leadership of the headteacher at this difficult time. Also, we give thanks for the way in which our Christian community is holding together, especially not forgetting the lonely and housebound (2 Timothy 1:12).
El Salvador (Central America). Bishop Juan David Alvarado Melgar.

Wednesday 16th December.
St Mary Cowlam; St Mary, Fimber; St Mary, Fridaythorpe; St Mary, Sledmere; St Mary, Thixendale; St Nicholas, Wetwang; Sledmere CE Primary; Wetwang CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Jacki Tonkin.
We give thanks to God for the ministry team and the work of readers, Katharine and John Chapman and our fine team of churchwardens. Worship in our churches has been a mix of in-person and online and we
have been encouraged by increased numbers and the flexibility of people in responding to changes. Our schools are great and online Collective Worship is a way of bringing us all together, truly growing in the knowledge and love of God. Please pray as we respond to even more challenges ahead.
Eldoret (Kenya). Bishop Christopher Ruto.

Thursday 17th December. O Sapientia. Eglantyne Jebb, social reformer,
founder of Save The Children, 1928
St Peter, Hutton Cranswick; St Leonard, Skerne; St Mary, Watton; St Margaret, Beswick; All Saints, Nafferton; St Mary, Wansford; Beswick and Watton CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Simon Elliott.
Please pray for our ongoing worship and witness across the parishes, and for generosity and provision as we seek to replace the lead stolen from the church roof in Hutton Cranswick.
El-Obeid (Sudan). Bishop Ismail Gabriel Abudigin.

Friday 18th December.
St Andrew, Bainton; St Michael, Garton on the Wolds; All Saints, Kilnwick; St Mary, Kirkburn; St Andrew, Middleton on the Wolds; All Saints, North Dalton; Garton on the Wolds CE Primary; Middleton on the Wolds CE Primary
Clergy: The Revd Jane Anderson.
Pray for all those working hard to look after each other: for staff in our schools, for volunteers, and for all those simply loving their neighbour.
Ely (England). Bishop Stephen Conway.

Saturday 19th December.
All Saints, Great Driffield; St Mary, Little Driffield; St Nicholas, Butterwick; St Peter, Langtoft; All Saints, Thwing
Clergy: The Revd Stuart Grant; Churchwardens: Martin Salter, Tony Goforth, Mike Wynn, Roger Gooch, Jackie Burton, Geoff Tonkin, Judy Burdass, Tim Burdass, Rod Buckley.
We give thanks that the replacement of the stolen lead from St Peter’s, Langtoft has been completed. We pray for the finances of all our churches, particularly to fund the restoration of the bell at Langtoft and the renovation of the toilets at Driffield. We give thanks for the life and ministry of The Revd Malcolm Exley.
Enugu (Nigeria). Archbishop Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma.

Sunday 20th December. 4th Sunday of Advent
Mustard Seed (Growing disciples in places where life is tough)
Pray for the participants in our first Stepping Up learning communities in Middlesbrough and Hull and for those being planned in Bridlington, Scarborough, and Redcar & Cleveland. Pray too for the Mustard Seed
team: Heather Black, Angela Bailey and Liz Holdsworth.
Mission agencies and their ministry throughout the Anglican Communion, including the Mothers’
Union around the world.

Monday 21st December.
Multiply: Reaching 20s-40s
Pray for the eight new lay-led worshipping communities and for other parishes discerning similar ventures. We are rejoicing that there are now Multiply Ministers in all thirteen planned locations. Pray for those recently licensed: Jenni Foreman at St Nicholas, Hull and Oli Preston at Christ Church, Bridlington.
Esan (Nigeria). Archbishop Friday Imaekhai.

Tuesday 22nd December. A Prayer for the Nation
Loving Father God, be with us in our distress; be with our families, friends, and neighbours, our country and our world. Give health to the sick, hope to the fearful, and comfort to mourners. Give wisdom to our frontline and key workers, insight to our Government, and patience to us all. Overcome disease with the power of your new life, through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Etsako (Nigeria). Bishop Jacob Bada.

Wednesday 23rd December.
Diocesan Office
Please give thanks for all who have given sacrificially this year and for those who steward the financial resources of parishes and the Diocesan Board of Finance.
Exeter (England). Bishop Robert Atwell.

Thursday 24th December. Christmas Eve
Pray for churches getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus and for all those who will be joining us in worship. Pray that all may catch a glimpse of the Kingdom of God and be renewed in faith and hope.
Faisalabad (Pakistan). Bishop John Samuel.

Friday 25th December. Christmas Day
Give thanks for the reality of ‘God with us’. Please pray for the proclamation and the living out of the gospel of the Word made flesh and for all those who express the love of God in practical service. Please pray for all who find it difficult to celebrate today. Eternal God, in the stillness of this night you sent your almighty Word to pierce the world’s darkness with the light of salvation: give to the earth the peace that we long for and fill our hearts with the joy of heaven through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the people of Bethlehem.

Saturday 26th December. Stephen, deacon, first martyr
Boxing Day
Lord Jesus, we thank you for all those who give their lives in service of others, and especially this year for those who have served above and beyond the call of duty. May they know your favour and refreshing. We pray for those who are willing to lay down their lives for their friends, and for your name, and for all those who are persecuted, abused or mistreated. May they know your peace in their hearts, your wisdom and your courage.
Florida (The Episcopal Church). Bishop John Howard.

Sunday 27th December. John, Apostle and Evangelist
Diocesan Office.
The staff at our Diocesan Office are grateful for the ongoing prayerful support of the diocesan family. Please remember the staff and their families at this time, praying that, after a very challenging year with the pandemic and the many changes that this has brought to our family and working lives, all might be refreshed over the Christmas break, ready for a new year of service to the Diocese.
Pray for Christians in other denominations and the work of the ecumenical movement; His Holiness Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome; His All Holiness Archbishop Bartholomew of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch; The General Secretary of the World Council of Churches; Bishop Ivan M. Abrahams, General Secretary World Methodist Council; and
The Revd Chris Ferguson, General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

Monday 28th December.
The Holy Innocents
A Prayer for Children
Loving God, your Son told his disciples to become like little children. Lead us to work for the welfare and protection of all young people. May we respect their dignity that they may flourish in life, following the
example of the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Fort Worth (The Episcopal Church). Bishop Scott Mayer.

Tuesday 29th December.
Thomas Becket, archbishop. Martyr, 1170
A Prayer for the Homeless and Displaced
God of compassion, your love for humanity was revealed in Jesus, whose earthly life began in the poverty of a stable and ended in the pain and isolation of the cross: we hold before you those who are homeless and cold especially in this bitter weather. Draw near and comfort them in spirit and bless those who work to provide them with shelter, food and friendship. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Freetown (Sierra Leone) (West Africa). Bishop Thomas Arnold Ikunika Wilson.

Wednesday 30th December.
Together Middlesbrough and Cleveland – Church Urban Fund
Chief Officer: Kate Jeffels; Project Leaders: Julie McGee, The Revd Billy Barnes.
Give thanks for the food and support we’ve been able to coordinate through our amazing churches, ecumenical partners and community groups. Pray for all those still struggling and vulnerable in Middlesbrough, and Redcar & Cleveland.
Gambia (West Africa). Bishop James Allen Yaw Odico.

Thursday 31st December. John Wycliff, reformer, 1384
New Year’s Eve
Please pray for the Anglican Communion and for the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury, both in this country and across the Anglican Communion. Please pray for the work of the Anglican Mission Agencies at home and overseas – that, as they look to a new year, they may be a source of life and hope for the nations.
Gboko (Nigeria). Bishop Emmanuel Nyitsse.