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The Parishes of the Derwent Ings Benefice

Pew News

EC.=East Cottingwith,  E.=Elvington, S.=Sutton, T.=Thorganby,

W.= Wheldrake, B.= Benefice


Lent 1
Sunday18th February 2018
EC. 9.00am Holy Communion
E. 10.30am Family Service and Baptism
S. 10.30am Holy Communion
T. Helping at ‘Kitchen for Everyone’
W. 8.00am Holy Communion
W.10.30am Holy Communion
W.12.00pm Nursing Home Service
W. 4.00pm ‘Chill out Church’

Monday 19th February 2018
S. 10.00am Coffee Drop in at the Village Hall
W. 12.00pm Lent Lunch in the Cottage
B. 7.30pm Deanery Synod Meeting at Stockton
W. 7.30pm Home Group at the Rectory

Tuesday 20th February 2018
W. 10.00am ‘Café’ in the Cottage

Wednesday 21st February 2018
E. 9.00am Prayers in Church
W. 9.30am Healing Prayer Fellowship – Cottage
E. 10.00am Coffee Drop in at Church
W. 10.45 Jigsaw Club in the Cottage
W. 7.15pm PCC Meeting in the Cottage

Thursday 22nd February 2018
W. 10.00am Toddler Club – Cottage
W. 11.10am Funeral – Ken Lister
W. 2.00pm Magazine Meeting at the Rectory
W. 6.30pm School Governors meeting

Friday23rd February 2018
W. 2.00pm Thanksgiving service–Laurie Bamber

Saturday 24th February 2018
EC. 10.00am Coffee Morning and open garden at Orchard House Storwood

Sunday 25th February 2018
S. 10.30am Five Parish Communion
W. Electoral Roll closes

Pray-er for the Community is:
Cheryl Corney
Area for prayer in the Community:
Back lane South

EC. Coffee morning at Giselle’s:
The snowdrops and hellebores are coming on well so I am having a coffee morning on February 24th from 10 to 12 as I did last year, in Peter’s memory, so people can enjoy the winter garden he so lovingly made. There will be a cake stall too. Do come and invite any friends who would enjoy it. The donations will go to East Cottingwith church, some of it to buy flowers for the Flower Festival planned to celebrate the end of the 1st world war. Orchard House Storwood YO42 4TG. Tel 017590 318650.

B. Lent Message
The Archbishop of York is encouraging us to use the upcoming season of Lent as a time to reflect and refocus their lives through daily reflections available from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

W. Fete Plant Stall
As you begin your spring garden tidy up please remember the fete plant stall, if you have any plants that you do not want then pass them onto Paul Botting or if you want plant pots to grow them on for the stall please ask

W. Mothering Sunday & Easter Flowers
If anyone would like to buy a lily for the Easter arrangement in memory of someone, then contact Paul Botting. I never know the price of the flowers until I pick them up but last year Lilies were £4.50 a bloom. If you would like to donate money for Mother’s Day primroses, then pass your contribution to Paul in an envelope please.

T. Flower Festival
Thorganby Church are having a Flower festival on weekend of Aug 25th/26th and 27th-details later.

W. Wheldrake Pop-In Cafe.
Pop-in will restart after Lent
Fancy meeting old friends and new while enjoying a cuppa? Come to our Pop-In Cafe where everyone will receive a warm welcome. This will be held in Church Cottage on Monday 9th April 2 – 3.30pm and we hope to gather thereafter on a fortnightly basis so please watch out for further dates in Pew News. Do come along.

B. Deanery Lent Meetings
New information – The Bishop will lead a Deanery Lent course in our Deanery this year. Please do try to get to these meetings which will be held in Osbaldwick and Murton Churches on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm – 9.00pm on 27 February and 27th March, at Murton Church and at Osbaldwick Church on 6th, 13th, and 20th March.
Also there will be a lent course in Wheldrake Church at 10.30am on Thursdays during Lent.

W. Lent Lunches
These will take place in the Cottage at 12.00pm on Monday 19th February, Monday 26th February, Tuesday 6th March, Friday 16th March and Sunday 25th March. There is s sheet at the back of Church on which people can sign up to offer soup, bread and help. Money raised will go via the DEC appeal to help the Rohingya refugees.

Diary Dates
February 2018
19th 12.00pm Lent Lunch in the Cottage
19th 7.30pm Deanery Synod – Stockton
24th 10.00am Coffee Morning Orchard House Storwood
26th 12.00pm Lent Lunch in the Cottage
27th 7.00pm Deanery Lent Course – Murton
March 2018
1st 10.30am Lent Course in Wheldrake Church
3rd LYCIG Follow meeting time and venue later
4th 10.30am HC and Vision on at Elvington
4th 4.00pm ABCD at Sutton Village Hall
6th 12.00pm Lent Lunch in the Cottage
6th 7.00pm Deanery Lent Course – Osbaldwick
8th 10.30am Lent Course in Wheldrake Church
11th 10.30am FS and Baptism at Elvington
11th 10.30am Mothering Sunday service at Sutton
11th 10.30am Family Service at Thorganby
11th 10.00am Mothering Sunday Crafts Wheldrake
11th 10.30am Mothering Sunday Service at Wheldrake
11th 12,00pm Nursing Home Service Wheldrake
13th 7.00pm 7.00pm Deanery Lent Course –Osbaldwick
15th 10.30am Lent Course Wheldrake Church
16th 12.00pm Lent Lunch in the Cottage
18th 4.00pm ‘Chill out Church’ Wheldrake
20th 10.00am Café in the Cottage
20th 7.00pm Deanery Lent Course – Osbaldwick
21st 7.15pm Wheldrake PCC meeting
22nd 10.30am Lent Course Wheldrake Church
22nd 11.00am East Cottingwith Annual Church Meeting
23rd 7.30pm Wheldrake APCM in Church
25th 10.30am Palm Sunday Five Parish Service – Elvington
25th 12.00pm 19th Lent Lunch in the Cottage
25th 6.30pm Stations of the Cross at Thickett
27th 7.00pm Deanery Lent Course – Murton
29th 10.30am Lent Course Wheldrake Church
29th 7.30pm Maundy Thursday HC – Wheldrake
30th 10.00am Good Friday Walk of Witness
30th 10.30am Meditation on the Cross – Elvington
31st 10.00am Decorate Wheldrake Church for Easter
April 2018
1st 9.00am Easter Day Communion East Cottingwith
1st 10.30am Family Easter Communion – Elvington
1st 9.00am Easter Communion – Sutton
1st 10.30am Family Easter Communion – Thorganby
1st 8.00am Easter Communion -Wheldrake
1st 10.30am Family Easter Communion – Wheldrake
7th 3.00pm Thorganby Annual Church Meeting
8th 6.00pm Informal Worship – Elvington
8th 9.30am Family Morning at the school
12th 2.00pm Wheldrake Church Fete
15th 4.00pm ‘Chill out Church’ Wheldake
22nd 10.30am All Age Service – Wheldrake
22nd 4.00pm Family Event Sutton VH
29th 10.30am Five Parish Communion East Cottingwith
May 2018
10th Deanery Ascension Day service venue TBA
12th 2.00pm Wheldrake Church Fete
20th 6.00pm Deanery Pentecost Sankey Praise – Wheldrake
27th Trinity Sunday
July 2018
7th 2.00pm Thorganby Church Fete
August 2018
25/26/27th Thorganby Church Flower Festival