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The Parishes of the Derwent Ings Benefice

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EC.=East Cottingwith,  E.=Elvington, S.=Sutton, T.=Thorganby,

W.= Wheldrake, B.= Benefice D = Deanery

Advent 3
Sunday16th December 2018

EC. 9.00am Holy Communion
E. 10.30am Crib Service
S. 4.00pm Christingle Service
T. 10.30am Morning Prayer
W. 10.30am Holy Communion
W. 12.00pm Nursing Home Service
Monday 17th December 2018
S. 100am Coffee Drop in at the Village Hall
W. 2.20pm Funeral – Graham Scully @ Crem
EC. 6.00pmVillage Carol Singing
W. 7.30pm Home Group @ 41 Cranbrooks
Tuesday 18th December 2018
W. 10.00am ‘Café’ in the Cottage
S. 2.00pm Sutton School Service
W. 7.00pm Carol Singing at the Nursing Home
Wednesday 19th December 2018
E. 10.00am Coffee Drop in at Church
W. 9.30am Healing Prayer Fellowship – Cottage
Thursday 20th December 2018
W. 9.30am Wheldrake School Service in Church
W. 10.00am Toddler Club – Cottage
T. 6.30pm Thicket Carol Service
Friday 21st December 2018
E. 2.30pm Sutton School Service
W. 3.30pm Friday Club
T. 7.00pm Thorganby Carol Service
W.8.00pm Carol singing at the Wenlock
Saturday 22nd December 2018
W. 11.00 Carol Singing at Costcutter
Sunday 23rd December 2018
E. 10.30am Service of Advent Meditation
S. 6.30pm Sutton Carol Service
T. 4.00pm Crib & Christingle Service
W. 6.30pm Wheldrake Carol Service
Pray-er for the Community is:
Margaret Clegg
Area for prayer in the Community:
Walker Ln and North Ln beyond Walker Ln

B. Home Communions
If there is anyone who will be unable to get to church and would like to have Holy Communion brought to them for Christmas, please let Ian know. If you’re reading this in church, please cast your mind over those who can’t get, and check with them.

B. Update on Bishop of Selby’s health.
Thank-you for your ongoing prayers and messages of support. Since I last updated you on 28th October I have had two procedures in Leeds General Infirmary as part of the treatment for atrial flutter. The outcome of these interventions is still unclear and I am awaiting a follow up meeting with the consultant. In the meantime I am advised to take things carefully and so I am managing my office work and some meetings but am not undertaking public events whilst the medics are waiting to see the effects of the treatment. I am very grateful to ministry colleagues who have represented me at services I was booked for and to the parishes for their grace and patience. As we explore Advent and celebrate Christmas please pray with me that our Lord will come to us in ways that deepen our trust in God’s grace meeting us in our fragility.

B. Petition for religious freedom
There are petition forms in all the churches if you are concerned about the erosion of religious freedom in our country, through judicial decisions or secular pressures. More information on the back of the forms, or at Please sign by Christmas so that Ian can return them by the deadline.
W. Epiphany Gift Tokens
While you are buying Christmas presents please spare a though for those children with disabilities that the Children’s Society look after. Please remember to buy an extra token to give to the society to help with their work. Please wrap the token in bright paper ready to hang on the Christmas Tree at the Epiphany service on January 6th

B: Spurriergate Centre
You may be aware that the Spurriergate Centre in Coney Street had closed, but it is now open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for drinks and biscuits on a donation basis from 10am – 2.30pm.

B. Benefice Day Away
Please put Saturday 12th January in your diaries. We will gather at Thicket Priory to refocus for the new year on growth within our churches. This could be a very important time so please do make an effort to be there.

James Myers is again doing a collection of dog and cat foodstuffs for the RSPCA this Christmas. The collection point is on the industrial estate at his unit or with Alayne Dodd who will collect and deliver

B. Home Insurance
Ecclesiastical (insurance company that insures many churches including the ones in our Benefice) is offering to donate £130 to our church each time someone takes out home insurance with them. Please visit the following link for details:

W. Church Library
Have you read one of our Church library books recently? Why not choose one to read this month: perhaps from the selection of inspiring Christian biographies.

W. Prayer Tree and Prayer Box
Everyone is reminded that they are welcome to add prayers to the prayer tree on the old font, or put names or things you would like the Healing Prayer Fellowsh team to pray for in the box by the door.

W. Church Reading Rotas
We have lost a number of people from the rota for reading our bible passages during church services. If you would like to join this rota, we’d be very glad to receive your help. It usually involves reading one passage twice in a three month period. Please speak to Helen (448230) if you can help. Thank you.

W. Cottage Cleaning Rotas
We need help cleaning the cottage – about 45 minutes once a month, less if two of you do it together. Please speak to Helen (448230) if you can help. Many thanks.

Diary Dates
December 2018
16th 10.30am Elvington Crib Service
16th 4.00pm Sutton Christingle Service
17th 6.00pm East Cott. Carol Singing start at phone box
18th 7.00pm Carol Singing at Somerset Nursing Home
19th 10.00am Elvington Coffee Drop in at Church
21st 7.00pm Thorganby Carol Service
21st 8.00pm Carol Singing at the Wenlock
22nd 11.00am Carol Singing at Costcutter
23rd 10.30am Evlington Advent Meditation Service
23rd 4.00pm Thorganby Crib and Christingle Service
23rd 6.30pm Sutton Carol Service
23rd 6.30pm Wheldrake Carol Service
24th 4.00pm Elvington Carol Service
24th 4.00pm Wheldrake Crib service
24th 6.30pm East Cott. Carol Service
24th 10.00pm Holy Communion
24th 11.30pm Wheldrake Midnight Communion
25th 8.00am Wheldrake Holy Communion
25th 10.10am Elvington Family Communion
25th 10.30am Wheldrake FS with the band
30th 10.30am Five Parish Holy Communion at Sutton
January 2019
12th 10.00am Benefice away day at Thicket
May 2019church
18th 2.00pm Wheldrake Fete