PCC Agenda and Draft Minutes

Wheldrake Parochial Church Council

There will be a meeting of the Parochial Church Council, on Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 7.30pm on Zoom to discuss the following agenda.

Business meeting agenda

Secretary:  Mr K Jaynes

Opening prayer: Mrs M Rawet

Notification of any AoB items to meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence – Rev J Doyle-Brett
  2. Declarations of interest

The minutes of the meeting held on 17th March 2021.

Correction 43/21 add In relation to the ideas the report was throwing up  there will be a Benefice PCC away day on Saturday 3rd July, to look at ways of developing a benefice identity.

  1. Action points from the minutes of 17th March 2021.
  2. Appointment of Officers – see attached list
  3. Items from Annual meeting
  4. Cottage Update – Paul
  5. Children of Light Festival – Terri
  6. Priest in Charge report
  7. Correspondence
  1.  Prayer break – Led by Mr K Jaynes
  2. Fete update
  3.  Policy review – see attached  (To Follow)
  4.  Insurance notifications
  5.  Health & Safety, Safeguarding of children, vulnerable adults and domestic abuse
  6.  Relevant meetings/Information sharing  
  7.  Any other business –

     Items of future business:

Date of next meeting – 19th May 2021 by zoom

Secretary for May: Mr P Botting.

Opening prayer May meeting:

Prayer Break leader May meeting:  

Items for AoB and H & S and Safeguarding should be notified to the Lay Chair, Mrs B Carter by 6.00pm on Tuesday 20th April 2021

OFFICERS 2018/2019Current Post holderAppointed
Lay Chairman of PCC                       B Carter                                  
PCC SecretaryP  Botting. 
Minutes Secretary + Distribution     P Botting,   K Jaynes,  A Dodd                       
Magazine Link    Vacant 
Electoral Roll Officer        A Dodd 
TreasurerK Jaynes 
Assistant TreasurerA Botting 
Publicity Co-ordinator      Vacant 
Gift Aid SecretaryR Smith 
Churchyard Officer            P Botting 
Parish email contact          P Botting 
Safeguarding Representative           P Burgess 
Parish Deliveries Co-ordinators      B Munns, J Mallinson, J Rawlinson 
Standing Committee Min 5 peoplePriest in Charge Treasurer Churchwarden(s) Lay Chair C Grievson P Botting 
Parish Office       Vacant 
Setting up for Sunday ServicesP Botting M Rawet. R Burgess A Dodd 
Parish Archivist   P Burgess 
Church Band                                       A Hodgson, B Grievson (Librarian) 
Fete Organiser     B Carter 
PCC School Governors                                                                                     P Botting (ex offico) S DodsonAlready appointed
DBE School Governors                                                  E Mawer J Patrick – Thorganby PCC A Mason B Urwin A Crowe – Thorganby PCCAlready appointed
Afternoon Fellowship                         R Burgess 
Intercessions Co-ordinatorR Burgess 
Magazine Editor                 K Martin 
Magazine Adverts              A Dodd 
Kid’s Pull-Out Editor         C Grievson 
Flower Team co-ordinatorP Botting 
Cleaning/brass rota            R Burgess 
Coffee rotaA Dodd 
Magazine Distribution                       J Jaynes 
Cottage bookingsS Look 
Baptism Cards                    B Munns 
Pray-ers for the Community             A Dodd 
Churchyard                          D Randon 
Cottage Cleaning Team    R Burgess (Leader) H Cutler C Grievson P Botting A Dodd 
Choir                     P Botting 
Lesson Readers RotaA Dodd 
Service Rotas                      Churchwardens 
Five Parish Service RotasPriest in Charge 
Bible Study                                         P Burgess 
Copyright Secretary           A Massey 
Nursing Home Services     P Burgess 
Cottage Communions                       P Burgess 
St Crux Day Co-ordinatorK Jaynes 
CMS Link            A Hicks 
Pew News             P Botting 
Church Linen      R Burgess 
Data Protection Officer     Churchwardens 
Vergers                                  T Smith R Smith 
Disability Act Officer        P Burgess 
Organists                              A Hicks G Urwin 
Clock    R Black 
Bells      P Botting 
Library  R Burgess 
Assistants at CommunionP Botting J Chapman A Dodd M Rawet J Jaynes (8.00) 
‘Café’ in the Cottage         C Grievson 
Family MorningC Grievson A Hodgson E Mawer C Goodman B and G Urwin 
Church WebsiteP Botting 
Healing Prayer FellowshipR Burgess 
Magazine committeeK Martin (convenor) 
Health & SafetyChurchwardens 
Benefice Meeting repsChurchwardens and Reader 
Beta GroupC Grievson (leader) 
Church Cottage Toddler GroupJ Wilson (contact person) 
Home GroupS Hirons 
Jigsaw ClubVacant 
PosadaB Carter 
Prayer networkA Dodd C Grievson 
SidespersonsJ. Lund, J. Scully, K Jaynes, J Jaynes, J. Mallinson, R. Smith, N. Black, A Vass, C Haley, J. Chapman, C. Chapman, A Edwards, V Edwards, Y. Edmond, M Rawet,  A Dodd, E Smith, B Carter, B Barnes, P. Botting, R. Burgess   

Draft Minutes

Wheldrake Parochial Church Council meeting held on 17th March 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom

Present: Revs J Doyle-Brett (chair) and P. Burgess.  Drs C. Grievson and A. Hodgson. Mrs. R. Burgess, R. Smith, A. Dodd (sec), M. Rawet and T. Martin.  Mr.  A. Hicks, K. Jaynes  and P Botting. 

Opening Prayer:  Rev J Doyle-Brett –

32/21Apologies.    B. Urwin, J Mallinson and B Carter which were accepted 
33/21Declarations of Interest. No declarations. 
34/21Minutes of the Meeting held 18th February 2021. 20/21.  Raithwaite Loan add solicitor the Maritime ‘solicitor’ proposal 21/21. Remove ‘are calling it’ add ‘have a young people’s group called’ ignite 23/21.  Remove A max of 30 people in churches able to accommodate that number. Add The Church will be assessed to ascertain a max safe number for public worship. With these corrections the minutes were proposed by Mrs Rawet and seconded by Mr Botting. All in favour. The minutes will be passed to the Chair to sign. 
35/21        Action Points from the Minutes of meeting held 18th February 2021.        18/21 Mr Botting would add the Key pad and mail box into the Cottage phase 2 plans. 18/21 Mothering Sunday primroses were completed 18/21 Palm crosses and Holy week posters were bagged and ready in church for collection. 20/21 Raithwaite Loan. Maritime/Grosvenor solicitors were notified of the PCC’S decision to accept their proposals 22/21 The notification for the Licensing service of Rev. Doyle-Brett was sent out to the congregation and the invite to the after service zoom chat meeting. 22/21 The Date of the Rogation has been moved to 16th May. 23/21 Parish Council Grant for Clock. Although the grant was declined the Treasurer wrote back and is awaiting a response. 22/21. 4. The secretary has written a letter of thanks to Jean Lund 22/21. 5. The Easter card has been produced and circulated. 23/21 2. Still no date from Whites for the work on the bells. 23/21 3. Toby Johnson has been to look at the work and will give a price shortly 23/21 4. The insurance claim has been paid out and the replacement screen ordered and paid for.  PJB                         PJB   PJB
36/21Cottage Update There was no update, as no contact had taken place. Mr Botting to contact F&M to find out what the situation was, were they still going to do the work? The PCC need a date for work to start, also information needed so that the VAT reclaim can be made.      PJB  
37/21                        Children of Light Festival update Mrs Martin reported ack on this there is to be a Benefice Arts festival to promote young people to produce art for the actual competition on 18th June. Robyn Carter, Chris Mordue and Dave Brett will be judges of the Benefice competition. Numbering system will be introduced to anonymise the exhibits. Emails invites have been sent to all the schools in the benefice along with all the Easter items produced by the Diocesan organisers.  An interactive prayer website for children has been set up, we could look at using it in the family morning services. The video that our benefice did for the launch of the festival is on the Diocesan website. The commissioning service is on this Sunday. We can use any of this material in our services.                    
38/21  Treasurer’s report Financial Position: Current Account                                             £6,785.65 Deposit Account:                                          £41,049.51 Fabric Fund                                                     £9,766.22 Organ Fund                                                     £6,641.83 CBF CofE Investment Fund                         £208,778.96 Total:                                                               £273,022.17      (£16,408.05 Restricted) Raithwaite Loan                                         £200,000.00 Deferred Interest                                          £68,729.36 1: Accounts Examination: Examiner, David Deverson FCA (retired) recovering after heart surgery and fitting of a pacemaker. Unable to examine our    accounts in time for the AGM. These will need to be presented unexamined with examination to follow after lockdown restrictions are fully lifted. Further, he is moving from Kirkburn and may be unable to examine our accounts after this year. Consequently, we probably need to find a new examiner for 2021.                                                                                    2: Raithwaite Loan: Extract from March update from Maritime: “As previously stated we have officially only gone to the market with the first seven units, phase 1 part A. All seven of these units have been reserved and are in legal hands. As a knock-on effect to this marketing, we have also received a lot of interest in phase 1 part B, the 14 cottages to the right hand side of the entrance. As of today, we already have 6 reservations against the 14 available cottages. This is a brilliant result given that we are not actively marketing these units. The reservations are in line with the sales figures produced by Henderson, which again, are above the figures stated by, Eddisons, Savills and Knight Frank.” “We are due to launch our local and national PR campaign this weekend, with which we hope to see more editorial opportunities to advertise the site. I state this for two reasons; the first is to confirm that our marketing power still has more room in the tank given that our PR is hardly launched. And the second is to advise lenders that there may be more articles like the Yorkshire. Post editorial which portrays the sites current position. Given the lack of control Maritime Capital has with the press, we can only channel the media pieces so much. We reiterate that the sole purpose of the PR campaign is to show the site in a positive light to help boost sales of the Village properties as well as the hotel offering.” “In light of the strong sales interest and actual Phase A sales, Maritime Capital would like to propose the sale and development of Phase 1 part B in order to capitalise on this success. The reasons why we would like to move ahead with Phase 1 part B at the same time as Phase 1 part A are:             • To secure and sustain current sales and interest.             • To maximise efficiency on construction costs reducing the risk of overspend             • To escalate potential returns back to lenders             • To maximise development returns             • Further third party construction finance is available now             • To pay off Tranche A by January/February 2022 From the development appraisals (Summary from Mrs Rawet at previous meeting) we estimate a potential return of land and profit of c£4.5m once taking into account repaying the PPL. These funds can then be returned to the lenders via the terms under the MLA which should repay Tranche A in entirety.” Subject to a majority vote approving the sale of the front site phase 1 part B, (18.03.2021) we would follow the same legal procedure as part A by selling the site to a subsidiary of RTC, whilst retaining the same security arrangements for RTC as part A. PHASE A & B – Entrance Lodges, 3 Coastal Villas & 14 Entrance Cottages – Profit: £2,970,176.80 Phase B more profitable given provision for road building and sewer extension to Sandsend is already costed into Phase A.” The PCC had previously voted in favour of going ahead with part A of the scheme. The Maritime team already have reservations for the next pocket of land and have sold 6 units off plan. They want our approval to build phase B this will maximize the efficiency on build costs and will maximize return to lenders. Mr Jaynes recommends that the PCC vote to allow the second part of the land to be released. It would mean we would be more likely to get the return of our loan. Mr Jaynes  proposed and it was seconded by Mr Botting. In favour 11 against 2 abstained 0 it was passed by majority vote. 3. Frank Bell Hardship Fund: Great thanks to Mr & Mrs C Butlin for gift aided £500 donation to Hardship Fund. Arranged by Catharine Grievson. It was agreed to call it the Hardship fund. The Frank Bell money had just run out, so this has come at a fortuitus moment. It be administered by the ministry team. 4. No information received from Ferrey and Mennim to support DCMS VAT Reclaim. Michol Rawet has supplied initial costings from Richard Rawet to support our claim, which we hope will be acceptable. KJ has forwarded these to DCMS but the disappointing performance of F&M noted The PCC recorded their thanks to Mr Jaynes for his work as treasurer.                                                                                                                                              KJ                        
39/21Ministry Team report Rev Doyle-Brett spoke about renewing our list of Eucharistic Ministers, currently Mr J Chapman, Mrs J Jaynes, Mrs A Dodd, Mrs M Rawet and Mr P Botting. The  PCC approved those names. The PCC to look at adding more people to this role. Rev Doyle-Brett spoke about audio visual equipment for the Church. We need to embrace the new technology and it’s a good way of ministering to people who cannot come to church. Live streaming the church service several times a month. We need to invest in equipment. A camera would be around £400. We need some advice about how to proceed. Rev Doyle-Brett to get some costings. The  booking form responses are coming in well, for the Easter Services. Wheldrake now nearly full but there are spaces in other churches. 12 Elvington 12 Thorganby 3 Sutton and 0 EC.      ALL         JDB
40/21  Prayer break Led by Rev P Burgess   
41/21Correspondence The copier lease quotation had been circulated to the members prior to the meeting, after discussion it was decide to go for a four year lease from Church purchasing at the cost of £184 per quarter. Proposed by Mr Botting and seconded by Mrs Dodd all in favour. Mr Botting would put things in motion Mrs Rawet raised Mr Masseys concern that he was not being told which music is being used in services Mr Botting agreed to feed this back to Mr Massey Rev Doyle-Brett reported that Rev Burgess and Mrs Burgess would be stepping down  after the annual meeting. Mrs Burgess would also be looking for volunteers to take on the cleaning rota and Rev Burgess the PAT testing.        PJB     PJB   ALL
42/21    Grave spaces. Mr Botting explained that the grave spaces where people can have a headstone were filling up. Mr Botting was asked by the PCC to make enquiries of the DAC, about future provision of space.  PJB
43/21Living Christ’s Story.   Topics from the Diocese for discussion. The PCC  in two groups discussed the topics via emails and phone calls and chat prior to the PCC meeting. Our Clergy. The role of Vicar/Priest in Charge has always involved some administration and getting involved in the day to day ‘nitty gritty’ of parish life. But are we making the best use of our ministers’ time, training and skills? Can we find ways to enable them to have a greater sense of oversight, so that they have more energy to devote to being Leaders in Mission? And how can we encourage more voluntary ministry, both ordained and lay, to ensure as broad and healthy an expression of ministry as possible? Responder 1 1 It would be great to appoint a Family/Youth worker in our benefice to work alongside our incumbent. Reaching younger adults & children is so important. 2 Parochial structures need to change. Let us streamline to have one or two PCCs at the most. 3 Continue online ministry. 4 Create more joint services throughout benefice to help us grow spiritually in our worship together & support one another in our desire to live the Jesus story. 5 I would love the Church of England  to consider allowing lay people or at least Readers to administer Communion. I feel it is time for them to really demonstrate Christ’s teaching on the Priesthood of all believers.  6 The diocesan toolbox mentions “Festival churches” I think East Cottngwith has the potential or perhaps even is one of these. I think this is a creative way to use churches with very small congregations & preferable to closing them. Responder 2 As we have a new Priest in Charge, this question is difficult to answer as we yet to know and understand what skills she may have.  As a church, we went through a long period of time without a Priest in Charge and the ministry team really shone. Our ministry team, PCC members and congregation experience what everyday church duties involve.  As a church, I think we all volunteered more of our time to ensure that the Church kept moving forward and was inclusive to the whole village and benefice.  I pray that we keep our energy up and keep supporting our new Priest in Charge, giving her the time to devote her time to churches in this benefice who need more time and development.  Responder 3 We as PCC’s  should streamline the work in multi parish benefices to take the load of administration from the shoulders of the clergy, I don’t think that Clergy were ordained to run PCC meetings and APCMs, make returns to the diocese on mission statistics or make fee returns, We should look at a role of a benefice administrator, be that paid or voluntary who can make appointments in the clergy diary for the occasional offices and do the day to day admin round our churches. This will give time back to the clergy for sermon preparation, training, and study time,  visiting and just being present in their parishes, and visible. We regularly as PCC’s say wouldn’t it be great to do more children’s work, they are the future of the church or we need more input to the older housebound parishioners, but we don’t relieve the load on the right people to enable this to happen. Maybe we now must bite the bullet and stop resisting changes to our Parish structures. Do we in Wheldrake need so many PCC meetings a year. Do we have to have four PCCs in this Benefice, could we have a Benefice PCC? What happens when our Deanery is no longer able to sustain five full time priests and reorganisation looms? How can we continue to ask our clergy to sustain an increasing number of parishes without the laity coming forward to shoulder all sorts of responsibilities both in running the parish or assisting with services and in a myriad of other ways? The clergy will of course need to have an oversight role in all this, but it could, if done with care, be the opportunity for change which will give quality of life back to the Parish Priest and grow the missionary/outreach work of all our Parishes. Responder 4 I take to heart the words of the Archbishop at our Priest in Charge appointment service – we should not heave a sigh of relief that the diocese “has got its finger out and made the appointment” and then expect the priest to do it all. It is up to us to continue to play our part both in mission and management. However, it seems to me that we are all in Jackie’s pastoral care and she should decide what the balance should be based on her priorities. I agree with Responder 3 that we need to think outside the box about change to historical structures and practices. Does each parish need a PCC? Can we change the ways we meet and communicate to become more cohesive and effective? As for the call for more voluntary ministry both lay and ordained – I am not sure where that is headed. Over the last two weeks the national press has been carrying stories  (The Times and Daily Telegraph) about the Church shedding front line clergy but doing nothing to address what is seen as a bloated senior management structure. I know we talked about this last week. I think the whole point about growing the church and shaping its ministry is to make it relevant to people today. What may be the good news about Jesus Christ for us (committed Christians) is much harder to take on board for the less committed, who probably – quite justifiably, see Sunday as time for leisure not for church. A friend of mine told me that if he could tune into a meaningful “church” blog about the Christian message or a webcast then he might pay some attention to it – albeit tuning in and out as he did other chores. Choosing and delivering the message for different age groups all with different issues, priorities and life objectives requires great skill and I am not sure how lay people can do this without training or vocation. It probably demands a plan that is active on all kinds of fronts from the Sharing Life approach of direct help and support, through community activities like Jigsaw Club and Café in the Cottage to enhanced direct contact through a genuine “community focused” parish news and events that are inclusive for all villagers.    Zoom has proved a very effective communications tool during lockdown – I would hate to see this channel discarded, since it offers the opportunity to bring the church to more folks without them even needing to set foot in the church. Responder 5 I have found that having to discuss this question very difficult and have spent quite some time trying to get it right as most of it has already been said.  I am not an academic and find doing something like this very hard and I wish so much that I could write like you all do.  Over many years I have had much experience with various members of the clergy in many different    Churches that I have attended. I have had much admiration for the work that they all do, the way they work and how they deal with people, some I might say better than others.  I do realise things have changed over the years and things have most certainly changed in the time that I have been in Wheldrake. I do think that Wheldrake Church is so very fortunate in the fact that we have so many members who give of their time in so many different ways, to help the clergy team also to help with the running of the Church as has been proven in the last interregnum and previous ones over the last few years. I think the discussion that we are having about clergy and, are we making the best use of them is a very hard question to answer especially as Jackie is our new Priest in charge it would be good to know her thoughts on this matter.  I have read over and over all your comments and I agree with what has been said, I do also think there are going to be big changes ahead and I wonder if there is more going on than we really know!  We have been very fortunate to get a new Priest in charge for our benefice with special emphasis on responder ones comment second paragraph “it really is for our preiest  in charge to decide how she would like the benefice to be run as she is in charge”.  In my mind it would be sensible to have a single benefice PCC also a benefice administrator but that would require someone with the necessary experience and skills.  But would this all really work I wonder! I also think it would be good to employ a family/youth support worker hopefully to encourage more younger families to be involved in the Church and for support and pastoral care for the lonely and isolated members of our Church and community.   I agree that the benefice should have more joint services but would the other parishes support this.  Like Mrs Carter says I pray that we as a Church can keep our energy up in order to support our new Priest in charge giving her more time to devote her efforts to where she is needed most.  It would also be good to continue our online services for those who find it difficult to get to Church, I personally cannot imagine my life without being part of the Christian Church as a whole and Wheldrake Church in particular.  Organising Ourselves 1 My initial thoughts are that as a parish church we are quite well organised. We have rotas for everything, from after service coffee, to setting up the church, and on the whole, there are people willing to help out. It is often the same people on the rotas unfortunately.  How we get organised as a Benefice probably depends on what Jackie wants.  Would we need a benefice meeting, a sort of mini-PCC looking at Benefice questions? This might cover the ‘Ministry Unit’ mentioned. Regarding benefice-wide costs, these are already allocated across the 5 churches, such as office costs and ministry expenses, although they might need to be trimmed to the 4 parishes. 2 As stated, we do in Wheldrake seem to be well organised and hope that this makes life for Jackie and the ministry team as easy as can be expected. Can too much ‘stuff’ from the diocese be counter-productive? 3 I think that the necessity to worship via Zoom over the last year has brought (at least parts) of the benefice closer together and that it seems as though the way we organised things did include a variety of people. I think that in our parish we already have a pretty tight-knit team, supporting each other, sharing out tasks, duties and responsibilities. This is something that could be expanded to include more (and hopefully increasingly younger) people, so that the same people do not get called upon to do everything. However, there are parishes where there is no team of willing volunteers, and I have no idea how they could build things to the point where they can call upon people to help out (as we can do here). We are asked about a “consistent approach” across the diocese. I think that for people to share good practice across the diocese is a good idea, but I cannot see that a “consistent approach” can necessarily work in such a wide variety of parishes. 4 It seems vital that we attract new younger people and families, to our church.  Preaching and living the gospel is essential.  Challenging people to commitment (new or revived) is not something we have heard/done/shared enough.  (And yes, we need younger folk for jobs (1 of our 6 cleaners is over 80.  How many grass cutter volunteers do we have? etc)  Perhaps we could revive a Youth group?  The question is always HOW?  When we get back to being able to meet, do let us meet to PRAY regularly and seek God’s leading.   The report was accepted as the PCC response and Mrs Rawet will bring all the thoughts into one document, following the lines of the original document questions. Rev Doyle-Brett spoke about how this PCC has responded to this working paper. And she relayed that the Archbishop had quoted her word, in a couple of his talks I feel I am called here to encourage a new way of being church a way that enables and empowers the laity. A way of being church in a post covid world, which has to be a model fit for the 21stcentury. My hopes are that we can really live out the aims of ‘Kingdom Calling’ and see a church emerge that gives the laity a greater role, where mutual ministry is the default model. My thoughts are that is necessary not simply too address the financial situation and the decrease in clergy numbers but because this is how we all live out our lives as disciples of Christ. Still in the early days of planning strategically for this of course. My initial thoughts are that we will be creating 5 teams from across the benefice to reflect the 5 marks of mission.  My vision is a benefice (however large that may become) where collaborative ministry is a lived reality, where churches are growing and where people can find and receive God’s radical unconditional love for themselves – find it because it is visible! In relation to the ideas the report was throwing up  there will be a Benefice PCC away day Saturday 3rd July, to look at ways of developing a benefice identity. Rev Doyle-Brett’s priority is to finish the work on the cottage. Ensure there are Family services across the benefice one each week so people can travel to get to a contemporary service. Making use of a newworship book which has everything in one place. Making worship accessible for families, looking at the problem of loneliness in the older and younger community. Deciding what can we do better what do we need to retire. We have to increase our income and giving. FWO need to be increased and we need ways to use the gift of money we have been given.                                                                                                                                                                                              MR
44/21Insurance Notifications. None     
45/21 Health & Safety, Safeguarding of children & vulnerable adults. No reports received   
46/21Relevant meetings/Information sharing. None 
47/21  AOB No items had been notified 

Date of next meeting: 21st April 7.30pm via Zoom  

Secretary for meeting:  Mr K Jaynes.

Opening prayer for April meeting:  Mrs M Rawet.

Prayer break leader for April meeting.  Mr K Jaynes.