PCC Agenda and Draft Minutes

Wheldrake Parochial Church Council

There will be a meeting of the Parochial Church Council, on Wednesday 17th June 2020 at 7.30pm on Zoom to discuss the following agenda.

Business meeting agenda

Secretary:  Mrs A Dodd

Opening prayer: Mrs M Rawet

Notification of any AoB items to meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. The minutes of the meeting held on 20th May 2020.
  3. Action points from the minutes of 20th May 2020.
  4. Worship Team
  1. Nursing Home planning application
  1. Six month budget review
  1. Correspondence – Churchyard wall – Clock
  1. Prayer break – Led by Bron Urwin
  2. Consideration of Free will offering – start of the process decision needed later in year
  3.  Fete date for 2021 – equivalent date would be 15th May
  4.  Harvest Meal arrangements – WRH booked for 4th October 9 – 2
  5.  Insurance notifications
  6.  Health & Safety, Safeguarding of children, vulnerable adults and domestic abuse
  7.  Relevant meetings/Information sharing
  8.  Any other business

     Items of future business:

Date of Annual meeting – 16th October 2020

Secretary for Annual Meeting  – Mr P Botting

Date of next meeting –  15th July 2020

Secretary for July meeting:  

Secretary rota only has Alayne and Paul on it so another couple of people would help

Opening prayer July meeting:

Prayer Break leader July meeting:

Items for AoB and H & S and Safeguarding should be notified to the Chair, Barbra Carter by 6.00pm on Tuesday 16th June 2020

Wheldrake Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 20 May 2020 at 19:30 via Zoom online meeting

Present: K Jaynes, P Botting, P. Burgess, R. Burgess, B Carter (secretary), A Hicks,  R. Smith, C. Grieveson, A. Dodd, A. Hodgson and M. Rawet (in the chair),

B. Urwin: Joined 7:41pm

Apologies for Absence: J. Mallinson

Opening Prayer: Ros Burgess – God’s meeting, God’s presence. Reading from Philippines.

50/20 Minutes of the meeting held on 22 April 2020: Minutes agreed – PBo to get a copy to MR to sign.    
51/20 Action points from the minutes of 22 April 2020: Portable Speakers – Still in hand by PBu Books in church – Still in hand by RB Letter sent to John Chapman – done by PBo WHR booked for 3 and 4 October for Church fete and harvest lunch by PBo Celebration after lockdown – Suggestions made: Flower festival suggested by MRHarvest festival suggested by RBTo wait and see when the lockdown ends before final arrangements are made    
52/12 Treasures report – Grosvenor update: An email was sent by KJ (Treasurer) in relation to the treasurer’s report and the Raithwaite loan.  KJ walked us through the document and explained the contents in detail.  This included the history of the company/loan.  A proposal was put forward by KJ which needs to be agreed by the PCC.  The proposal is set out in this email.  Clarity was sought over a few points by various PCC members. KJ answered all the questions put to him accordingly.   An in-depth discussion was held by the PCC regarding this proposal and what it means for the future of the investment.  The PCC understood that this is an important decision.   On a vote the following was agreed: In favour of the proposal to proceed : 9 in favour and 3 against. KJ will write to Grosvenor with this vote and copy in the PCC members. (this was actioned the following day 21 May 2020).                    
53/20 Appointment of Lay Chair: KJ was thanked for the 4 years that he took on this position of lay chair.  MR agreed to assist tonight as the chair for this meeting.  BC has agreed to stand as a Lay chair and this was supported by the PCC.    
  Prayer break – Led by Bron Urwin    
54/20 Worship team Notes were put forward by PBu.  Zoom: The is currently about 10 services per month via the online platform Zoom.  A positive discussion was held about Zoom and the advantages of this “technological” leap. People from all around the benefice and beyond are supporting the services. Funerals: The Church have lost some funerals services, PBu to check with the funeral directors what the reasons may be for this. Somerset Home: PBu has been checking in with Somerset Home on a weekly basis and it is Covid-19 free. Pentecost: From Pentecost, visitors’ preachers are going to be introduced.  An Ascension Day service will be held this Thursday at 7pm via Zoom. Website and Pew News: PBo was thanked by the PCC for his hard work on updating the church website and the Pew News.     PBU
55/20 Correspondence 1) Ferrey and Mennim (letter dated 30/04/20 from Ian Hayton): This was circulated by PBo regarding the cottage. Since the letter, the builder was able to the work at the back of the cottage.  PBo did check with PCC members and it was passed on to the architect.  They know that this going on.  PBo will try and get the wall panel approved by York Council.      2) Night Silencing of clock (letter dated 04/005/20 from JC): This was circulated by PBo regarding the chiming of the clock. The whole PCC voted that the clock remains chiming when the lockdown is fully lifted.  PBo will send a response accordingly.  
3) Churchyard maintenance (letter dated 21/03/20 from Brian Neaves): This was circulated by PBo regarding the groundwork of the churchyard.  PBO will check with David Raydon in relation to this. It was suggested that we look at local companies to assist in the looking after the church yard for a discount in advertising or as a good will gesture.  
4) Grave soil (letter dated 24/04/20): This was circulated by PBo regarding the grave soil creeping out of hand. This task can only be done when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.  Gravediggers are going to be asked to remove the soil. AH suggested that the community group like beavers get involved to assist.  This will be considered when the Covid-19 gets lifted.  
5) Guidance for reopening churches (letter dated 07/05/20): This was circulated by PBo.  PBo approved as the appointed person, to look after the church during the Covid-19 lockdown as recommended by the Diocese.  
6) Sharing Life (Letter dated 12/05/20 from Emma Mawer): This was circulated by PBo regarding the donation made by the PCC for food parcels.  
7) Raithwaite Loan  (letter sent via KJ – Treasurer: See point 52/12  
8) Jigsaw: MR received a letter from Jigsaw Charity group and this has been shared.  
9) Trees in the Rectory Garden:  The PCC were made aware of an exchange of emails between a neighbour in  Blake Court  and the Diocesan Office, regarding the overhanging trees.  The Diocese are going to deal with this.   
            PBO       PBO
56/20 Insurance notifications None    
57/20 Health & Safety and Safeguarding of children, vulnerable adults and domestic abuse None    
58/20 Relevant meetings and information sharing MR had a phone call by from the Bishop of Selby.  He was pleased with the Zoom services.  He did say that the second vacancy meeting will take place after the lock down.  The adverting of the incumbent will not take place until after that meeting took place.  PBo also had a meeting and all appointments were suspended except for Osbaldwick and Derwent Ings. PBo and BU had a meeting with the School governors re opening of the schools.  PCC prayers are requested for the school.    
59/20 Any other business 7 June at 9am, Archbishop is doing his final service before retiring.  PBo will put this in the Pew News.      

Date of next meeting: 17 June 2020 at 19:30 via Zoom

Secretary for June meeting:  Alayne Dodd

Opening prayer for June meeting:  Michol Rawet

Prayer break leader: Bron Urwin